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e.E. Charlton-Trujillo’s inspirational, high energy and genuine school visits have made her a favorite speaker with educators, librarians and young people across America. She has done workshops in traditional K-12 schools, alternative high schools, after school programs, libraries, homeless shelters, juvie hall, college campus’, major book festivals and more.

Charlton-Trujillo has been featured in School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, The Huffington Post, Parade Magazine and MTV for what Kirkus Reviews calls her “force of nature” persona, writing and ability to reach the most unreachable youth. Her authenticity, excitement and humor will set your students, book club, book festival and/or library on fire!

“As an English teacher, I am always looking for ways to get my students excited about writing. While watching e.E. Charlton-Trujillo interact with my students and inspire them to break the rules and find their voices, I felt moved to add a creative writing
component to the

~ Kim Summers, English & Creative Writing Teacher, Urbana High School


  • School Visits – In Person(H)
  • Virtual Visits – (1 hr = $350, Three Consecutive 1 hr sessions = $1,000)
  • Weekly Writing Visits (Virtual or in Person ask for rate)
  • Keynotes/Conference (H)
  • Professional Development Teacher-in-Service for 90-120 minutes (H)
  • 40 minute Skype/Google Hangout Session (H)
  • Juvenile Hall  – No Charge
  • Homeless Shelter  – No Charge

* “H” denotes in-person honorarium, travel and lodging


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e. meets fans at Texas festival.

Trujillo opens every session welcoming students to the Creative Revolution. It is a revolution fought with ideas and stories. It is a revolution that young people are invited to embrace to be heard.

This highly energetic presentation for assemblies, classrooms or libraries empowers students to see what they do with words and/or images has currency. This is the “If Someone Only Knew” presentation as featured in the documentary At-Risk Summer.
Topics: Bullying, belonging, self-image, race, class, confidence, voice, self-expression

BE YOUR OWN HERO (45 – 60 min.)
A presentation related Charlton-Trujillo’s novels and other creative works
to empower young people to step into being their own hero on and off the page.
This interactive humor and heart experience is great for an anti-bullying/anti-violence focus.
Topics: Bullying, belonging, self-image, awareness, creativity, communication, class and race

For a more comprehensive and intensive experience with Charlton-Trujillo,
this is an amazing opportunity for your students to walk away with writing.
A multimedia experience that generates flash fiction, slam poetry, and/or drawing.
Topics: Bullying, belonging, self-image, awareness, creativity, communication, innovation
Time: Two days minimum

TEEN ROCK THE WORD WRITING WORKSHOP  (with e. + other authors)
A group model began in Iowa in September 2016. Bringing together multiple authors
working from Trujillo and author C.G. Watson’s model of empowerment. High energy,
high excitement and big impact, this version of Rock The Word expands Trujillo’s solo
model to reach thousands of kids in a few days.


Strategies To Fund A Visit

There are many way to fund a school visit from collecting Box Tops as a school, receiving business support, and more. Below are some resources that might be helpful.

Click HERE for PDF.