e.E. Charlton-Trujillo’s unique, self-funded Fat Angie book tour to empower at-risk youth across America made her a favorite among educators, librarians and indie booksellers. She has done workshops in traditional high schools, alternative high schools, after school programs, libraries, homeless shelters, juvie hall, college campus’, major book festivals and more. Charlton-Trujillo has been featured in School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, The Huffington Post, Parade Magazine and MTV for what Kirkus Reviews calls her “force of nature” persona, writing and ability to reach the most unreachable youth. Her authenticity, energy and humor will set your students, book club, book festival and/or library on fire!

“As an English teacher, I am always looking for ways to get my students excited about writing. While watching e.E. Charlton-Trujillo interact with my students and inspire them to break the rules and find
their voices, I felt moved to add a creative writing component to the

~ Kim Summers, English & Creative Writing Teacher, Urbana High School



Trujillo opens every session welcoming students to the Creative Revolution. It is a revolution fought on a piece of paper, a canvas, in a digital world of graphic creation. It is a revolution that young people must engage in to grow into their own self-confidence and creativity … their moment to be heard.

YOUR CREATIVE REVOLUTION! (45 – 60 min., up to 3 sessions)
This highly energetic presentation reves students to dream big and be bold.
Young people are inspired to see what they do with words and/or images
is both empowering, significant and changes lives. 
Components: Music, images, objects
Topics: Bullying, belonging, self-image, confidence, voice, self-expression, creativity
Great For: Grades 6th – 12th
Price: Honorarium + Travel & Hotel

BE YOUR OWN HERO (45 – 60 min., up to 3 sessions)
A presentation related my books novels and other creative works to empower young
people to step into being their own hero. Highly interactive this humor and heart
experience, this is great for an anti-bullying/anti-violence focus.
Components: Images, objects, multi-media                                                                      image-2
Topics: Bullying, belonging, self-image, awareness, creativity, communication
Great For: Grades 6-12 and college students.
Price: Honorarium + Travel & Hotel

For a more comprehensive and intensive experience with Charlton-Trujillo,
this is an amazing opportunity for your students to walk away with writing
that goes the distance.
Components: Music, images, objects, slam poetry, writing technicals
Great For: Grades 6-12
Price: Honorarium + Travel & Hotel


Can be any combination of creative writing, discussion, reading and book signing.
Price: See Below


SKYPE (45 minutes)
Hang out with e. via Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout. Ask questions about e.’s books, filmmaking
and/or her work with Never Counted Out. Also, get autographed bookmarks sent to your





  • $1,700 School Visits (Three presentations with $200 of honorarium going for books in the school and library)
  • $6,000 Weekly Rate (5 Days/3 Sessions per day = $1,200 per day)
  • Inquire for Keynotes/Conference
  • $2000 Book Festivals (negotiable)
  • $1000 Professional Development Teacher-in-Service for 90-120 minutes
  • $350 per 45-minute Skype/Google Hangout Session (sometimes negotiable)
  • Free Juvenile Hall Education Program
  • Free Homeless Shelter Education Program

** I accept three school bookings per year at a reduced rate. Inquire regarding availability